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I ran into a nightmare

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Israel is trying to convince her American generous “macrò” to throw the Middle East, and the world as well, into a hell of a situation.
In fact, be he Obama or any other unabashed servant of the Israel lobby, sooner or later a reckless warmonger in the U.S. will be willing to undersell the world in order to please the Zionist hawks along their crazy initiative against some 65 millions Iranian people.
Meanwhile, the irresponsible lightness of EU towards the problem, will remind us of the similar attitude we had in sight of the rising Nazi folly which lead to the horrors of WWII.
Though we are all intimately pretty sure that nothing should really happen, maybe we’ve underestimated the fact that Israel is facing her last chances to survive in the long period in the region. In fact, as things are going in the Land of Canaan, the Zionist regime has its years, if not its days, counted, inasmuch as they have rather lose everything – even the blank cheque Israel has got from the West after the Holocaust – without giving up the insane “dream” of an anachronistic and racist state in the third millennium, in spite of the global steps made toward equality and democracy.
Waging war to Iran could then turn the situation upside down in the mind of the Zionist hawks. Thus leading to a redistribution of the cards on the table of the Middle East scenario. And in this regard, maybe they think it’s better the Armageddon than let to democracy their self constructed ghetto.
It’s just a matter of time. Will be Samson willing to die with the Philistines? Maybe. And you?

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August 12, 2012 at 12:24 am

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