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Build the witch (recipe)

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strega_ww2Just wait the opportunity. If it takes too long, well, think of something. Then quickly choose the darkest character on the stock market (Osama will fit.) Once built the personified evil, take him from the pay roll of CIA to the caves of Afghanistan, and inject it into the western brain. Wait, and in the meanwhile do whatever you want, cause it’s a jungle out there.
If something cools down, add salt or anthrax (at need, take even the fool of the village. I say, stuff like Zarqawi, in the meanwhile, a meteor.) When you’re done, cast the puppet into a cottage in Pakistan or elsewhere, kill and serve it hot. In pictures though, better if in writing. Well, I don’t know, make a film or something.
Don’t forget to throw the remains of the witch into the rubbish bin – oops – into the realm of a foggy myth. Once she has egregiously done her job, she’s finished, fired, burned. Supper is over. Let her live, be submitted to trial or just show her corpse would be at least inappropriate. Think of what comes next.

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January 31, 2013 at 8:44 pm

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