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alieno2Desperate to climb a greasy pole, Netanuts says: “Ladies and gentlemen, Israel will never acquiesce to nuclear arms in the hands of a rogue regime that repeatedly promises to wipe us off the map. Against such a threat, Israel will have no choice but to defend itself […] I want there to be no confusion on this point. Israel will not allow Iran to get nuclear weapons. If Israel is forced to stand alone, Israel will stand alone.” (Source Ha’aretz, Oct. 8, 2013)
1. Any similar offensive (against an imaginary threat) is the equivalent of a war of aggression. Otherwise the world could be and will be blackmailed by any psychopath at choice.
2. In this respect, the buffoon wouldn’t be able to surpass a Nuremberg-style process, nor any process. Insofar as the old claim about “wiping-someone-off-the-map” is a blatant lie, a plain scrutiny of reality, reports, facts and some 70 million Iranians, should be enough to nail either the warmongering clown and its unfortunate supporters. Even in the USA. (Syria docet.)
3. From a general point of view, Israeli acquiescence on anything is clearly (and morally) so much relevant as the amount of its citizens compared with the world population and their welfare (aproximately, 1/1000.)
4. Someone should suggest that, in the end, one thing is stand alone, another is stay alone.

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October 9, 2013 at 5:16 pm

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I don’t buy that. All of us are quietly looking at the Israelis while they threaten to bomb 65 million people. They talk down to the world and say: beware folks, we’re losing our patience!
They are losing what? We may not care, but in the meanwhile, it is we who are losing, somewhat, our dignity. We keep on standing still. (“It won’t happen. It’s clearly a bluff”)…
But the Zionist octopus is steadily at work on the other side of the ocean, and makes the US Empire tremble, inasmuch as three hundred million people listen to various puppets who pledge to follow the will – and meanwhile pocket the money – of some warmongers, often with double citizenship and dubious morality.
Someone menaces the planet. And still, a few people in the US make tricks to pander the enemy and earn some change.
And thus the entire world trembles. Everyone has seen the influence of a bunch of thugs to the halfwit who once lead the empire, not so long ago. We’ve seen the fate of Iraq. We look at Afghanistan.
Then it stops. It’s been a long way, but it ends.
I have a dream.
All in a sudden, to begin with 310 million American people, little less than 7 billion people perceive that the world can’t be blackmailed by those hooligans, any more.
As a matter of fact, the situation we’re in, is a clear anachronism in the third millennium, and survives solely because the US – whose leaders have been mislead by a bunch of warmongers – plays dirty in the Middle East scenario.
But – it’s perceivable – we’re dealing, by this time, with a gang of zombies.

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September 7, 2012 at 4:18 pm

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I ran into a nightmare

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Israel is trying to convince her American generous “macrò” to throw the Middle East, and the world as well, into a hell of a situation.
In fact, be he Obama or any other unabashed servant of the Israel lobby, sooner or later a reckless warmonger in the U.S. will be willing to undersell the world in order to please the Zionist hawks along their crazy initiative against some 65 millions Iranian people.
Meanwhile, the irresponsible lightness of EU towards the problem, will remind us of the similar attitude we had in sight of the rising Nazi folly which lead to the horrors of WWII.
Though we are all intimately pretty sure that nothing should really happen, maybe we’ve underestimated the fact that Israel is facing her last chances to survive in the long period in the region. In fact, as things are going in the Land of Canaan, the Zionist regime has its years, if not its days, counted, inasmuch as they have rather lose everything – even the blank cheque Israel has got from the West after the Holocaust – without giving up the insane “dream” of an anachronistic and racist state in the third millennium, in spite of the global steps made toward equality and democracy.
Waging war to Iran could then turn the situation upside down in the mind of the Zionist hawks. Thus leading to a redistribution of the cards on the table of the Middle East scenario. And in this regard, maybe they think it’s better the Armageddon than let to democracy their self constructed ghetto.
It’s just a matter of time. Will be Samson willing to die with the Philistines? Maybe. And you?

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August 12, 2012 at 12:24 am

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Obama, the song remained the same

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I do not like to be the one who says, “I told you so”, but… on March 1, 2008, I happened to post, under the title, Obama, the song remains the same, that Barack (pronounced: barak) Hussein Obama, was an ironic triptych of names that seemed a path from the preordained failure of Camp David to the Twin Towers, rising from Iraqi former Rais. Nomen omen – I had added – let’s hope not.

But I had also recalled that, looking back to Obama’s comments in May 2007, Shmuel Rosner, Washington correspondent for Haaretz, had noted that the black candidate towards Israel was as strong as Clinton, supportive as Bush and friendly as Giuliani. Concluding that the chap was “pro-Israel. Period.”
In that occasion I underlined, to his credit, in line with the democratic soul which formally had supported him, that it was said (Bill Fletcher Jr. of TransAfrica Forum) that Obama had opposed the invasion of Iraq and had had the courage to say so. But unfortunately it had been apparent, during the course of the year – along the presentation of his presidential candidacy in February 2007 in the USA – that the aspiring-emperor of the West would keep an absolutely uncritical attitude with respect to Israel. Really, an unabashed silence was what Obama had kept, first, in regard to the disproportionate campaign of Lebanon, about the attacks against the infrastructure, the illegal use of cluster bombs and the lies that the Jewish State had offered to justify the destruction wrought on civilian population in that country.

Anyway, in August 2007, the path chosen by Obama to pave its possible access to the White House with the support of the American Jewish community, had been marked. He had quickly denied the careless words spoken previously about the suffering of Palestinians in the Middle East, and he had took distance by Brzezinski, sinful to the highest degree for having abstained from the chorus of criticism against Jimmy Carter on the occasion of the publication of his book, “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid”. So he had kept his way, floating towards Israeli consent, by declaring his trust in the advice of Dennis Ross – former architect of the dubious “peace efforts” by Clinton at Camp David – for the issues related to the Middle East.

How can we be surprised, so, if in sight of a possible second mandate, Obama is not willing to change a successful recipe? Indeed it seems doubtful that such a pattern is to be considered immutable through the time, but as of today I would not feel to make a bet on such a major change of attitude – and relevant interests – in US politics.
Sure, Israel has not even tried to counter the feeling of progressive distrust, or worse, about its politics, if not with the hasbara blackmailing through the media. But still a little more time is needed to increase the percentage of young Americans – be they Jewish or not, it does not matter at all – ready to reject the growing situation of apartheid in Israel-Palestine and the warmongering attitude assumed for the time being against Iran.
But you really think that the western youth of 2012 is willing to wage war to 70 million of educated young people, mostly because of the rhetoric of their leaders? So much for the record, I really don’t believe that. Notwithstanding their ancestors’ past.

Anyway, in 2008 we happened to smell some perfume of change. Maybe a more careful look at the facts, and the sudden turnspeak (“that’s not Orwell”, I quote, “Orwell would never use such a clunky phrase”) of the future surprising winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace, would have unveiled the pretty different reality of the events, or un-events, or turnabouts, that we were to look at.
But if we can’t have a better glimpse to the future, next time we know there will be a little more to do before creating the havoc that we are destined to face because of the rooted unwillingness towards a real change.

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May 30, 2012 at 8:40 pm

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Nuclear clowning

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In brief. IAEA, the UN nuclear watchdog, demands that Iran come clean over its past atomic work, suspected on the base of intelligence suggesting Iran was engaged in weaponization studies, the so called alleged studies. Namely, we must stress, in the past. The West – that is US, its clients and valets – fears Iran could use its nuclear programme to make atomic weapons. Tehran has repeatedly dismissed the intelligence as fabricated, and the allegations that it was seeking to build a bomb as baseless. Western countries such as the United States insist that Tehran should actively disprove the allegations rather than simply dismiss them as untrue. Easy to say, in this respect, that providing the evidence of non existence of something that does not exist is simply impossible. Alas, we got to see the same preposterous claim about alleged Iraqi WMD under heavy pressure from Washington.
It’s easier to suspect that the whole stuff is aimed at frustrating Iranian economic threat to the US & Co. egemony in the Middle East. We’re talking about 70 million young learned people, sitting over a remarkable lot of oil, looking at the Asia market and attracted by newly born western style needs. That’s it. On the path of the after 911, Iran is already under three sets of (US inspired) UN Security Council sanctions over its refusal to suspend uranium enrichment work, which can be used to make nuclear fuel as well as the fissile core of an atom bomb. In this respect Iran maintains that its nuclear programme is aimed at peaceful ends and energy production and has so far rejected halting uranium enrichment as a pre-condition to talks, stressing it has a right to the activity under the nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT). Moreover the Islamic Republic repeatedly said it is ready to negotiate with world powers to ‘alleviate concerns’ over its nuclear activity.
Three days ago some said, as if it were big news, that inspectors from the UN atomic watchdog were alarmed that Iran has in its possession a document describing the process for making what could be the core of a nuclear weapon. Nothing we did not hear of before, it is the so called uranium metal document, a 15-page document describing process for the reduction of UF6 (Uranium hexafluoride) to uranium metal and machining uranium metal into two hemispheres of the kind used in nuclear warheads. Iran has told the IAEA that the document was received back in 1987 (by the way in 1987 Iran was still at war with Iraq) along with design information for the so-called P1 centrifuges used to enrich uranium, and insists it did not request it. It must be underlined that IAEA reported the existence of such a document since 2006, and received on November 8, 2007, a copy of the relevant 15-page evidence, but later declared that “has seen no indication of any UF6 reconversion and casting activity in Iran” [Report by the Director General of IAEA to the Board of Governors, GOV/2007/58] (1). Much ado about nothing.
This said, in the “Introductory Statement to the Board of Governors” made on June 2, 2008, by IAEA Director General, Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, we can read that “To put things into perspective [it must be emphasized] that the Agency currently has no information – apart from the uranium metal document – on the actual design or manufacture by Iran of nuclear material components, or of other key components, of a nuclear weapon. Likewise, the Agency has not seen indications of the actual use of nuclear material in connection with the alleged studies”. And it seems then ludicrous a further worried statement made in order to soften those outcomes, maybe under pressure from some western clowns, that “while the Agency can verify and provide assurances about Iran´s past and present nuclear activities, concerns about Iran´s future intentions go well beyond verification” of the Agency.
Board of Governors – GOV/2007/58 – Date: 15 November 2007
“A.3. Uranium Metal Document – 25. On 8 November 2007, the Agency received a copy of the 15-page document describing theprocedures for the reduction of UF6 to uranium metal and casting it into hemispheres. Iran hasreiterated that this document was received along with the P-1 centrifuge documentation in 1987. TheAgency has shared this document with Pakistan, the purported country of origin, and is seeking moreinformation. Iran stated that the reconversion unit with casting equipment mentioned in the one-page1987 offer was not pursued with the supply network. Apart from the conversion experiments of UF4 touranium metal at the Tehran Nuclear Research Centre (GOV/2004/60 Annex, para. 2), the Agency hasseen no indication of any UF6 reconversion and casting activity in Iran. It should be noted, however,that a small UF6 to uranium metal conversion line in the Uranium Conversion Facility (UCF) wasdeclared by Iran in the design information questionnaire for the UCF (GOV/2003/75, Annex 1, para.3). This line has not been built, as verified by the Agency’s inspectors.”

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June 2, 2008 at 6:44 pm

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