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pbNotwithstanding the heartfelt appeals mildly made by those who  really care about father Giancarlo Bossi and his dramatic situation, the cheapest part of Italian political caravanserai is using the topic of the cleric’s abduction as an instrument on behalf of their parties. First ladies and their hypocritical valets crowding the Italian arena are shouting out loud their propaganda and waving the flags of their shameful crusade. Italian people do not deserve this unabashed market, nor Father Bossi does. Here is an excerpt of the last message spread by the PIME Missionaries in the Philippines: “We have noted the tendency of some to use the suffering of Fr. Bossi in order to further political and/or ideological ambitions.  We pray that all those who involve themselves in this situation will be free from self-interest and political maneuverings.  Lord, set them free!”

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July 11, 2007 at 8:36 pm

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