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Build the witch (recipe)

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strega_ww2Just wait the opportunity. If it takes too long, well, think of something. Then quickly choose the darkest character on the stock market (Osama will fit.) Once built the personified evil, take him from the pay roll of CIA to the caves of Afghanistan, and inject it into the western brain. Wait, and in the meanwhile do whatever you want, cause it’s a jungle out there.
If something cools down, add salt or anthrax (at need, take even the fool of the village. I say, stuff like Zarqawi, in the meanwhile, a meteor.) When you’re done, cast the puppet into a cottage in Pakistan or elsewhere, kill and serve it hot. In pictures though, better if in writing. Well, I don’t know, make a film or something.
Don’t forget to throw the remains of the witch into the rubbish bin – oops – into the realm of a foggy myth. Once she has egregiously done her job, she’s finished, fired, burned. Supper is over. Let her live, be submitted to trial or just show her corpse would be at least inappropriate. Think of what comes next.


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January 31, 2013 at 8:44 pm

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I don’t buy that. All of us are quietly looking at the Israelis while they threaten to bomb 65 million people. They talk down to the world and say: beware folks, we’re losing our patience!
They are losing what? We may not care, but in the meanwhile, it is we who are losing, somewhat, our dignity. We keep on standing still. (“It won’t happen. It’s clearly a bluff”)…
But the Zionist octopus is steadily at work on the other side of the ocean, and makes the US Empire tremble, inasmuch as three hundred million people listen to various puppets who pledge to follow the will – and meanwhile pocket the money – of some warmongers, often with double citizenship and dubious morality.
Someone menaces the planet. And still, a few people in the US make tricks to pander the enemy and earn some change.
And thus the entire world trembles. Everyone has seen the influence of a bunch of thugs to the halfwit who once lead the empire, not so long ago. We’ve seen the fate of Iraq. We look at Afghanistan.
Then it stops. It’s been a long way, but it ends.
I have a dream.
All in a sudden, to begin with 310 million American people, little less than 7 billion people perceive that the world can’t be blackmailed by those hooligans, any more.
As a matter of fact, the situation we’re in, is a clear anachronism in the third millennium, and survives solely because the US – whose leaders have been mislead by a bunch of warmongers – plays dirty in the Middle East scenario.
But – it’s perceivable – we’re dealing, by this time, with a gang of zombies.

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September 7, 2012 at 4:18 pm

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Obama, the song remained the same

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I do not like to be the one who says, “I told you so”, but… on March 1, 2008, I happened to post, under the title, Obama, the song remains the same, that Barack (pronounced: barak) Hussein Obama, was an ironic triptych of names that seemed a path from the preordained failure of Camp David to the Twin Towers, rising from Iraqi former Rais. Nomen omen – I had added – let’s hope not.

But I had also recalled that, looking back to Obama’s comments in May 2007, Shmuel Rosner, Washington correspondent for Haaretz, had noted that the black candidate towards Israel was as strong as Clinton, supportive as Bush and friendly as Giuliani. Concluding that the chap was “pro-Israel. Period.”
In that occasion I underlined, to his credit, in line with the democratic soul which formally had supported him, that it was said (Bill Fletcher Jr. of TransAfrica Forum) that Obama had opposed the invasion of Iraq and had had the courage to say so. But unfortunately it had been apparent, during the course of the year – along the presentation of his presidential candidacy in February 2007 in the USA – that the aspiring-emperor of the West would keep an absolutely uncritical attitude with respect to Israel. Really, an unabashed silence was what Obama had kept, first, in regard to the disproportionate campaign of Lebanon, about the attacks against the infrastructure, the illegal use of cluster bombs and the lies that the Jewish State had offered to justify the destruction wrought on civilian population in that country.

Anyway, in August 2007, the path chosen by Obama to pave its possible access to the White House with the support of the American Jewish community, had been marked. He had quickly denied the careless words spoken previously about the suffering of Palestinians in the Middle East, and he had took distance by Brzezinski, sinful to the highest degree for having abstained from the chorus of criticism against Jimmy Carter on the occasion of the publication of his book, “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid”. So he had kept his way, floating towards Israeli consent, by declaring his trust in the advice of Dennis Ross – former architect of the dubious “peace efforts” by Clinton at Camp David – for the issues related to the Middle East.

How can we be surprised, so, if in sight of a possible second mandate, Obama is not willing to change a successful recipe? Indeed it seems doubtful that such a pattern is to be considered immutable through the time, but as of today I would not feel to make a bet on such a major change of attitude – and relevant interests – in US politics.
Sure, Israel has not even tried to counter the feeling of progressive distrust, or worse, about its politics, if not with the hasbara blackmailing through the media. But still a little more time is needed to increase the percentage of young Americans – be they Jewish or not, it does not matter at all – ready to reject the growing situation of apartheid in Israel-Palestine and the warmongering attitude assumed for the time being against Iran.
But you really think that the western youth of 2012 is willing to wage war to 70 million of educated young people, mostly because of the rhetoric of their leaders? So much for the record, I really don’t believe that. Notwithstanding their ancestors’ past.

Anyway, in 2008 we happened to smell some perfume of change. Maybe a more careful look at the facts, and the sudden turnspeak (“that’s not Orwell”, I quote, “Orwell would never use such a clunky phrase”) of the future surprising winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace, would have unveiled the pretty different reality of the events, or un-events, or turnabouts, that we were to look at.
But if we can’t have a better glimpse to the future, next time we know there will be a little more to do before creating the havoc that we are destined to face because of the rooted unwillingness towards a real change.

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May 30, 2012 at 8:40 pm

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