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Assumption (part 2)

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Some time ago, in an attempt to give me a coherent answer to the useless question about how much a hypercube could weigh and imagining for this the consistency (mass / weight force) of an object belonging to a world beyond the three perceived spatial dimensions, I dreamed that it could not be that carried by objects ontologically belonging to three-dimensional space only, in which a cube of volume n3 corresponds to mass m3 and subsequently m4 in the fourth and m5 in the fifth dimension.

The immediate corollary was that not only the hypercube we wanted to reach was extended in four or more dimensions, but that obviously the starting minimum unitary cubes (quanta) also had to be, since they belonged from the beginning to the world of four, to five or to N dimensions (pipistro – Assumption – January 13, 2021).

With these premises and an elementary calculation, a measure of the mass was reached, considered as the weight of an object at rest in earth’s gravity, which grows in exponential progression as in the table below, first in part (B) referring to a sample cube projected in the fourth dimension only and then in what we are now considering as an example (C) referring to a cube “n + 1” – visually a “Rubik’s” cube – having 3 edge units, volume of (33) 27 units and mass (weight) corresponding to 27 kilograms measurable in the three standard dimensions, but subsequently projected up to the fifth dimension.

As shown in table (C), our hypercube, having an objectively measurable mass within the limits of its three perceptible spatial dimensions – as mentioned – of only 27 kg, corresponds in the fifth dimension to a mass (weight force) of 59049 kg, i.e. slightly more than 59 tons.

That said, no one prevents us from thinking that, in his hidden world beyond the visible and beyond the limits of the observed transformations, not only a part, but the whole mass of the hypercube “n + 1” living in five dimensions can be transformed into energy equivalent to that calculable through the simplest configuration of the Einstein relation in terms and within the limits, in fact, of a rest mass, that is E = MC2

The result (see below) would be dazzling.

To frame the entity in familiar terms, if the calculations adopted with the relative conversions are not wrong and given by way of example that the energy consumption in Italy for the entire year 2004 was approximately 304,490 GWh, in the three-dimensional and unique perceivable 27 kilos of our 5D hypercube – precisely because it hides 59 tons of itself and a billion GWh in an invisible world – there would be about 3284 (three thousand two hundred and eighty-four) years of Italian energy needs.

We have said invisible, but not non-existent. In a world that does not diffuse electromagnetic signals of itself (and in fact we do not see them), it could well be considered – hypothesis, in fact – under the gravitational profile, with all the intuitive consequences on the distribution of mass / energy in the universe and on the curvature of space-time.

(March 8, 2021)

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