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The end of time

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From the past to the future, from birth to the dissolution of death. Reason for anguish for the animal man and immediately for superstition, religion, ritual and remembrance to exorcise the precariousness of the biological fact.

While reasonably certain that nothing in the universe evaporates into nothing, there remains the terror of the loss of subjectivity and consciousness that has imposed on us for millennia the illusion that our being was much more than a mixture of particles fortunately compacted in little different form and substance from those of a stone.

We therefore imagined that we were destined for immortality without considering the fact that with the stone we have many more things in common than those that we were given by the many psychopathic divinities built with our traits and more often with our passions, emotions and fears, adding – for us – to end up roasted if we don’t follow their suggestions.

And among them the absolute fear of the after as an intrinsic element in the unidirectional perception of time.

So we have built time and we have theorized countless traces of time and its direction. So much so that we consider his consideration to be indispensable alongside everything. And finally, albeit amidst ups and downs, its position as a bizarre and inseparable component of the gravitational mollusk theorized by Albert Einstein.

Among these traces immediately emerges the instinctive, cultural and psychological one, consisting of the subjective sensation of the passage of time, the perception of a before and an after, accompanied by the observation of impermanence of the human being. So there is a beginning and there is an end. And then the principle of causality – that is the cause-effect relationship – with the temporal consequentiality of events exemplified in one of the first possible mental elaborations of the baby animal: if I cry they look after me. And again, the institutional and scientific trace of the second law of thermodynamics, the necessary evolution from hot to cold, from low to high entropy.

But by committing ourselves we can add them at will according to the usual exercise of extrapolating everything that confirms our convictions. Thus, the radial path of the electromagnetic wave, the quantum wave function, which collapses but the opposite has not been seriously hypothesized, the cosmological trace of expansion of the universe towards an increasingly disordered situation and the formation of black holes if we give credit to the idea of ​​infinity and to the constitution of a singularity.

Who knows if the sensation of passing time is born first in the small of man and animal or if the principle of cause and effect is first appreciated, which immediately teaches him that to cry and lament brings being cared for and fed or in any case a reaction.

What is certain is that other conditionings emerge rather quickly, which serve to sculpt the subjective perception of time as repetition or duration and above all as a limit for the awareness of being only episodes destined to die.

Despite these and other traces, time is however not a fundamental element of nature. In fact, we are unable to define time in itself and we construct it as a completely arbitrary variable. Having ascertained that biological life is at an end, by relating its path to the occurrence of natural events such as the rising and setting sun, the phases of the moon, the movement of a pendulum, the heartbeat or in general an oscillation and all sorts of vibrations.

That is, we do not know what time is, but for practical reasons we had to measure it by referring to what we saw of the world around us: I will be back between two sunrises and two sunsets, with the new moon, when the hourglass has been turned twenty times.

Having overcome in the last century the idea of ​​an absolute time as a fundamental element valid for the entire universe, we perceive today that time is not an event, but a utility in our macroscopic world and we finally learn that its essence cannot in any case be separated from that of space, whatever they are, both.

But we must admit that the thermodynamic trace, as opposed to the very survival of man, is precisely the main reason on which we rest our perception of time that passes and the awareness of the limits of our being. A very tenacious trace given that our biological position goes somehow against the tide with respect to the path of the universe towards equilibrium that foresees expansion and cooling. We are in fact a system – the biological one – that fights to keep itself in a state of low entropy, far from thermal equilibrium, fed in a rather complicated way by the energy that essentially comes from the sun.

Because this should be accepted. That is, the characteristics of our consciousness of existing are only a valuable imbalance that has distanced us but not freed from a path that seems to be oriented in a completely different way. The one whereby everything, planets and galaxies, all of us and possible billions of other and different vital entities dispersed as microscopic and imperceptible ripples of the universe, can go towards the depressing eternity of thermal death.  

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