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Il potere di una mente fresca che considera un problema
da una nuova prospettiva è una delle meraviglie del mondo.
(Lee Smolin)

First, and to be very clear, I know that I don’t know. In fact I’m not sure there is plenty of the fresh minds mentioned above, but all the same it’s apparent that there’s something in technical ignorance that frees from any chain, be it book or dogma, allowing anyone to look and wonder naively at the things of our universe with an open mind, and – more important – without the slightest prejudice.

I said anyone. So, let’s move on.

Since in a hypothetical two-dimensional world a three-dimensional object is perceived as a section (see Edwin A. Abbot – Flatland), I think it is reasonable to believe that something, say a small three-dimensional part of an imaginary extra-dimensional object, can be perceived also by us.

In this perspective, notwithstanding the evanescence of any assumption about the superior dimensions, I believe it should be worth while looking for traces of strange and unfamiliar intersections in the known universe.

It should be something going beyond our theories at the time we try to measure it. That is, an ephemeral and elusive object, whose nature and behaviour we can’t predict, precisely because it seems we are ontologically interdicted to penetrate the physics of a higher dimension. Such an entity, though, should be perceptible, provided that an observation is made at the moment and within the limits in which this object happens to interact with our “3-known-dimensions-plus-time” world.

Talking about clues, it’s at least attractive to think of the elusive entities we currently imagine to be the primordial black holes – not made by the contraction of a massive star – and maybe, at the same time, imagine a relation among our ephemeral guest and the 95% of the universe we are far from having categorized.

While, of course, there’s a problem about it, since we might assume that the mass/energy of an extra-dimensional object could be measured in our 3-dimensional perceived reality, as far as we know, there should be really nothing new and contrary to the existence of mass and energy enclosed in something we can neither directly see, nor perceive by means of electromagnetic waves. And I think, first, of black holes, then of any manifestation of gravity, not to mention dark matter and the hypothetical fluctuation of an autonomous quantum field.

In this perspective I happen to read that “In many different places throughout the universe, we’ve detected very dense high-mass objects by their gravity – either indirectly via their affect on nearby bright stuff like stars or accretion disks of gas and dust, or directly via their gravitational waves. Many of these dense high-mass things are too dark to be regular stars, too compact and too dark to be clusters of stars, and too heavy to be neutron stars. They exist, they behave pretty much exactly the way physics predicts black holes would act, and there’s literally nothing else they could be. To quote an astronomer: we have “strong confidence that black holes, or at least objects that have many of the features of black holes exist”. In other words, if it looks like a black hole and acts like a black hole… we call it a black hole”. (How Do We Know Black Holes Even Exist? – YouTube channel MinutePhysics via Popular Mechanics Jan 11, 2018)

In fact there’s so much world out there, and about it we assume that only 5% is something we already know and can rely on. So, in the remaining 95%, somewhere hidden in the unknown, could be a tiny piece of dark something that looks like a black hole and acts like a black hole, but it’s a duck.

(February 25, 2021)

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