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pipipalpipisraelWhile we’re making plans, signing deals, drawing maps and walking paths, studying “peacekidding” operations, they will get on dying and someone telling lies to whom in that land would carry on his living in peace. And the whole of us waiting for time to put an end to all this. It had a bitter taste hearing about the blast of April 17 in Tel Aviv, and feeling that the words I just wrote some days ago fit very well with the situation. Last night, while someone in Palestine was badly focusing his suffering, aimed at increasing hatred and death in order to catch some more supposed goodness from a fake god, I happened to read jailed Mr Barghouti’s interview of April 15 for the palestinian paper al-Ayyam in Yedioth Ahronoth. And I read it once more today.
«Barghouti unimpressed with Israel: Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s so-called “convergence plan” for further West Bank withdrawals is “not a peace plan, but rather, an attempt to circumvent the aspiration for Palestinian independence and an attempt to salvage the occupation,” Jailed Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti says. In an interview published Saturday in Palestinian newspaper al-Ayyam, Barhghouti issues a scathing attack on Olmert’s convergence plan despite his earlier support for the Gaza and northern West Bank pullout. “The withdrawal from Gaza was almost full with regards to the removal of occupation forces, evacuation of all the settlers, and razing of the settlements,” Barghouti explains. “However, the situation in the West Bank and in Jerusalem is different, and that’s where the danger inherent in this plan stems from. This plan attempts to eliminate the intention to establish an independent Palestinian state.” “In the West Bank, the withdrawal is the exception, with the essence being the continuation and deepening of the occupation,” the jailed Fatah figure and convicted terrorist says. “I’m clearly saying that every agreement or plan, whatever its origin, won’t end the occupation and the settlement in the 1967 borders fully, including in Jerusalem, and would push the Palestinians to continue their resistance.” ‘Israel assassinated Arafat’ – During the interview, Barghouti noted the absence of trust between Israelis and Palestinians, but said trust is not a must in order to strike a peace deal. “Trust between the two peoples isn’t a pre-condition for a deal, because the relationship between them is that between an occupier and a people being occupied,” he says. “Therefore, it is impossible to achieve trust before the occupation ends and we establish an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital, the refugees will return, all prisoners will be released, and our people will enjoy freedom and independence.” Barghouti warns that the attempt to reach a phased peace deal utterly failed and must not be repeated “under any circumstances.”  “Our people, despite all the suffering, is still determined to continue on the path of struggle and resistance,” he added. “I’m certain that the occupation is gradually disappearing earlier than what many think, and that the dawn of liberty is close to rising.”  Slamming Israel, Barghouti says the Jewish state is “an occupating country that carries out the worst kind of torture and terrorism.”  “The question now is whether there’s a genuine partner for real peace? Sadly I’m saying that Israeli society did not give rise to a true peace partner,” he says. Finally, Barghouti says the unwillingness to talk with Hamas is a false excuse, “because negotiations have been paralyzed for six years at least, and Israel even assassinated President Yasser Arafat, even though he complied with all the international conditions for peace.”» link
It was stunning, maintained the historical, politic, human complexity of the Israeli-Palestinian situation, to watch at Barghouti’s short-sighted populism and at the same time it was astounding the cheap talkback filled with hatred and resentment we could read below that view. We do not have to bother the beginning of last century’s issues, to state that Oslo, Camp David, Taba talks, Sharon’s path (despite Sharon himself), 2nd Intifada, did not teach anything to anyone. Maybe it is correct that time and only time can recover that land’s dramatic situation. For if living that tragedy originates the cheap statements we could read in Barghouti’s speech and the miserable talking made in order to dispute it, man is not able to do anything but carrying in that land some more violence, humiliation, suffering, death.

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April 18, 2006 at 11:14 pm

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What if war doesn’t work any more?

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sad2Everyone would go on using every way to win a war. Since the very concept of war should be seen as unacceptable. Is this impossible? I don’t think so. An actual problem: the most powerful, who never abstained from using the most shameful way to turn into what it is or to keep its position, realizes now that the “terrorist” weapon is a democratic one, and the cheapest. It does not look at power or weakness and it is neither proper to the strongest nor to the most arrogant. The system “terrorism” fits to anyone, not only to the governments. And the strongest by ancient rules (the most powerful’s rules) does all it is able to, in order to convince people it can maintain its power anyway. But it finds out it is – while not caring about rules – (…ouch!) exactly in the same position as everyone else trying to get the same position or even some more. And then it gropes. It loses. It loses credibility and loses international connivings. While someone actually gets on doing of course its dirty miserable business. But actually it must undergo a lot of new rules which supervise the energy market, the human market, the market anyway, and it is always frightened by each one may choose to turn things upside down. And ooops! The power of media doesn’t make things go better. The overwhelming diffusion of the internet, the lack of trust in the mass media, the speedness in spreading information all over the world, and crawling into the facts, make unbearable, impossible, one way pubblicity. And one has to rethink the concept of power and the effectiveness of war. Unacceptable because it is against life, and humanity, and mankind. In a short while, perhaps, simply because it does not work.

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April 9, 2006 at 8:28 pm

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