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European lightness and sense of guilt

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The EU attitude toward the Israel-Palestine issue suffers, from grassroots, for a fundamental misunderstanding. In fact, the sense of guilt of the Europeans for the horrors of Holocaust has finished to set the accent on improbable merits of the Jewish people, somehow, for having been deported and slaughtered, rather than base on the very crimes of the Nazis, and over that on the guilty conduct of the European nationals themselves.
It has been a sort of auto-absolution for having been mainly the by-standers – whether not partners in crime – in front of the Nazi sistematic annihilation of European Jews. Thereafter, it has been easier to forget their own guilt and somewhat erase their past injustice (by implementing racial laws, favouring the transfer of millions to their deadly destiny), attributing a sort of safe-conduct for any Israeli following misconduct.
Thus, the Europeans feel to justify themselves with the Jewry by putting the blame for the outcomes of Israeli greed in colonization of Palestinian soil on their very victims.

Moreover, since Israel was born in 1948, the world had got obviously an almost total lack of real information on the ground, whereas the conflict in the region went on hiding the substantial overpowering of the Palestinian and Arab militias by the Israeli military, while the ignorant peoples in Europe, would be deceived with the fancy fight of a fake David against an equally not existent Goliath. A fiction that keeps till now its remarkable power on the European popular knowledge of the issue.
So, as it were not enough the dishonest brokering of the US and the Israeli greed, a strange European mix of ignorance and guilt is, as of today, further motive for the implementation and conservation of Palestinian misery.

Then, without mentioning here, for now, US influence, we have the power of the media, inasmuch as propaganda in Europe is fit to overwhelm the lack of interest of her citizens for anything be far from their daily western life, unless it puts in jeopardy their welfare, even if only in pure theory. To prove it, just a look at the fallout of 911 is enough, whereas the so called islamic terrorism has hit Europe mainly as a sort of general paranoid, and past unease raised from their internal issues.

As a matter of fact, Palestinians suffer today also for European lightness, ignorance, and distorted feeling of guilt.

Written by pipistro

June 10, 2012 at 3:33 pm

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