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I don’t buy that. All of us are quietly looking at the Israelis while they threaten to bomb 65 million people. They talk down to the world and say: beware folks, we’re losing our patience!
They are losing what? We may not care, but in the meanwhile, it is we who are losing, somewhat, our dignity. We keep on standing still. (“It won’t happen. It’s clearly a bluff”)…
But the Zionist octopus is steadily at work on the other side of the ocean, and makes the US Empire tremble, inasmuch as three hundred million people listen to various puppets who pledge to follow the will – and meanwhile pocket the money – of some warmongers, often with double citizenship and dubious morality.
Someone menaces the planet. And still, a few people in the US make tricks to pander the enemy and earn some change.
And thus the entire world trembles. Everyone has seen the influence of a bunch of thugs to the halfwit who once lead the empire, not so long ago. We’ve seen the fate of Iraq. We look at Afghanistan.
Then it stops. It’s been a long way, but it ends.
I have a dream.
All in a sudden, to begin with 310 million American people, little less than 7 billion people perceive that the world can’t be blackmailed by those hooligans, any more.
As a matter of fact, the situation we’re in, is a clear anachronism in the third millennium, and survives solely because the US – whose leaders have been mislead by a bunch of warmongers – plays dirty in the Middle East scenario.
But – it’s perceivable – we’re dealing, by this time, with a gang of zombies.

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September 7, 2012 at 4:18 pm

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