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Ehud Olmert proposal, a cheap deja vu

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pipipal“Israeli PM Ehud Olmert, holds hand to the ANP President Abu Mazen. According to the Israeli daily ‘Haaretz’, Olmert offered Abu Mazen an ‘Agreement of Principles’ on the establishment of a future Palestinian State…” Such are the outcomings of Corriere della Sera (Agr) on the eve of July 25, 2007. Those words “holds hand” leave behind a coat of metaphoric grease which no solvent of pragmatism would as well metaphorically succeed in cushioning. Nevertheless, let’s see the merit of such held a hand.
It is unmistakable that the time stopped for PM Olmert on the eve of Summer 2000, and with remarkable nerve he now tries to lead Mahmoud Abbas, the would-be Palestinian Rais, as of today widely delegitimated, toward the path of a complete failure run by the (by many people late lamented anyway) father and master Yasser Arafat.
After having read the general lines of the proposal on a July 25, 2007 report by Haaretz, any Palestinian hypothetical negotiator would stand up, greet and – whereas appropriate – ask who is the maker of this clowning, half way from deja vu to the worst nightmare.
After the calamity of Oslo, the agreements on principles, their inference, Barak’s tricky unwritten proposals, whose “generosity” Palestinian and Israeli people (the normal ones, those who try and live or survive and feed their children) are paying still now, as of today we see that the “Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is offering to hold negotiations toward an “Agreement of Principles” for the establishment of a Palestinian state on most of the territory of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.” In practice a newly made a priori agreement on the principles, due to the fact that – I quote – “it will be very difficult to reach agreement on final status issues, such as borders, Jerusalem and the refugees” (let alone the settlements).
Ther rest should follow, maybe, on the path and the issues which made also Arafat not to panhandle anymore.
In the pleasantness of the proposal (two examples follow below), Olmert put forward the same old escamotage grown out of the Yossi Beilin-Abu Mazen draft of 1995 on every issue afterward questioned in Camp David, and – with minor exceptions – in Taba. So it is for Jerusalem (it’s not a joke! “The Palestinians will be able to declare Jerusalem their capital. In the past Olmert has hinted that he would be willing to withdraw from the Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem “on the edge,” which have never been considered part of the historical city”) whereas they try again to relegate a mock up of the Palestinian Capital into the peripheral village of Abu Dis. And so it is for the settlements that should remain – along with the whole surrounding of the Israeli army – in the earth of the West Bank (“large settlement blocs that will remain under Israeli control in the West Bank”), with the mirage of very unlikely minor land swaps that cannot amend the atomization of the Territories into sort of Bantustans. The rest of the speech goes along these lines and it has the usual meaning: Israeli Government do not plan to follow any peace path, moreover it has a further aim, running in extremis toward a two state solution while it’s turning into a corpse, in order to counter the demographic problem.
We hope, maybe in vain, most naive European (and US nationals) or the ones in worst faith, will not follow and spread through the media with the usual chorus to appreciate or deal the last unseemly light comedy as it were a sign of opening and good will. In fact the proposal is a wall so high and massive that even Mahmoud Abbas would not have the nerve and dare not to propose this iterate attempt of pax Romana to the Palestinians, not even to the small part of them who hold quisling collaborationism as a matter of survival and are willing to cooperate in the administration of their own open-work prison, rather than starve, be humiliated and submit to the brutality of an apartheid regime for fifty years more.

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July 26, 2007 at 2:56 pm

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pbNotwithstanding the heartfelt appeals mildly made by those who  really care about father Giancarlo Bossi and his dramatic situation, the cheapest part of Italian political caravanserai is using the topic of the cleric’s abduction as an instrument on behalf of their parties. First ladies and their hypocritical valets crowding the Italian arena are shouting out loud their propaganda and waving the flags of their shameful crusade. Italian people do not deserve this unabashed market, nor Father Bossi does. Here is an excerpt of the last message spread by the PIME Missionaries in the Philippines: “We have noted the tendency of some to use the suffering of Fr. Bossi in order to further political and/or ideological ambitions.  We pray that all those who involve themselves in this situation will be free from self-interest and political maneuverings.  Lord, set them free!”

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July 11, 2007 at 8:36 pm

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