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Side effects (excerpt, Monday Nov 28, 2005)

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lostThere are no side effects possibly acceptable of the war. Indeed, as for drugs, it doesn’t exist such a thing as side effects, but, be they prosecuted or not, only effects. Effects certain, or only possible, probable and/or incidental.
On the one hand, the first intuitive, undeniable effects of the war are the dead, the destruction, suffering, despair.
On the other hand, incidental and uncertain are all the other possible effects connected to objectives presented from time to time as apparently reasonable, such as the fight on terrorism, whatever this term is meant to indicate (and I was inclined to consider it, in the Iraqi case, as the “deadly and indiscriminate instrument of resistance of the weaker”), and anxiety or presumption of safety and all kind of preventive actions; questionable, such as the maintenance or achievement of a demanded precarious planetary balance; presumptuous or uncritical, as the defense of the “Western values​​” and the presumed civilization that would accompany them; vile and murderous, such as the forced maintenance of military control and economic exploitation of a territory through the power of the weapons, which aim at grabbing the resources, also in terms of strategy, of a particular region.


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