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greedWhat is happening is disgusting, subsumed in a nutshell: the international vultures have not yet figured out which one and how can sink its fangs into the little Syrian meat.
But the conditional proclamations of the last hour (Syria would be in 4th place in the world to possess chemical weapons), remind me of others not so old proclamations on Iraq and its alleged “4th army in the world.” And this makes me think, once again, that the filibusters that are slowly puzzling to find a way to make money and take advantage (also) of this human tragedy, won’t be “better” than the ones that this tragedy are causing.
And certainly I am not heartened by the fact that the murderess regime that is violating millions of lives and the unjust suffering of an entire people who is struggling in the ambiguity of fratricidal struggles does not actually contribute to worsen the human component, carcinogenic, of this planet.
But all we can do and think of right now, waiting for the worst, is to forget the principles and theories. If one is bleeding to death or he’s hungry or thirsty, I don’t impose him a lesson in international diplomacy, nor teach him to work to procure the necessary, I hand him a piece of bread and maybe I wait for nightfall with him, so that he does not face his fears alone.


Written by pipistro

August 23, 2013 at 7:38 pm

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