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Perhaps, sooner or later, they will understand they have jailed their people and their minds into a brand new cage. Really, a glimpse to the newspapers is enough in order to focus this suicide attitude. The exasperated need of security, effective or presumed, and the subsequent closure, first, towards the nearest people, has brought them to the extreme consequence of appreciating the fact of being at the edge of a world that arguably is walking a decisive path in the opposite direction. It’s not a dream, it is a nightmare.

The recall to the racial laws – that we argued forgotten forever – makes us feel a shiver. The mere think to human beings, marked as different for their skin, sex, religion and stuff, makes us unconfortable, because our inner feeling has walked centuries in the last sixty years. The fact is we now look at ourselves mainly as humans, without any differences, and if something leads us to different patterns, the reason rests on a series of issues (as economy, technology, politics and greed), that are anything but related with race.

So what? So it is rationally unacceptable, today, any kind of generalization, based on our limited knowledge of different peoples, or, worse, on the rooted disrespect that we inherited from a sort of anacronistic believe. Under this aspect, “religion is (not) the opium of the people”, at least, because opium might have some positive collateral effects, while religion has none, or, if one, is that of creating an illusion. In fact, in the quotation, Karl Marx is saying that purpose of religion is to create illusory fantasies for the poor.
I wish it were only this! On religion issues, peoples have massacred each other for millennia. A fancied legacy coming from divinity, or her alleged lenience, always brought us nothing, except resignation. Sometimes, destruction and grieve.

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June 4, 2012 at 10:10 pm

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