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Dershowitz rebuked by Israeli right wing

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What they say in a nutshell: “Israel has consistently been met with a wall of hatred (…) and still Dershowitz refuses to budge from his two-state model” (Arutz Sheva).
I might say that my hearth doesn’t bleed for that, since I don’t bet a damn on the simulacre of a two-state solution sponsored by Dershowitz. Being a lawyer, he must be of course – so to say – a professional liar. And maybe he’s proud of that. As legal counselor he makes his job, and he’s capable of legitimately advocating any factual crap in order to defend his case, whatever. Maybe his goal is not only for Israeli benefit, but rather for feeding his own peculiar individualism. By the way, he has confirmed his unabashed arrogance, fighting against Norman Finkelstein, who was trying to get his tenure at DePaul. Really, Dershowitz can’t conceal the fact that his initiative was clearly a revenge for having being exposed by Finkelstein as a plagiarist.
So, I can’t imagine anything worse for any peace process than a lawyer, who demonstrated to be vindictive and arrogant, since he calls himself equitable and assumes a fake-humanitarian role. Too bad that in doing so, his counsel to the Palestinians was that of forgetting their rights (e.g. under UN Resolution 242), in favour of the Israeli needs and desires. See, for instance, the forum at the JFK School of Government, in 2006, where he debated with Noam Chomsky.
I mean, there’s no need for another “generous offer” and its equally generous apologists.

As for the article on Arutz Sheva, I would not archive the file under the usual garbage section. But it’s pretty hard not to.
After the customary attack against any critics of Israel, and quickly tracing back anti-zionism to anti-semitism and stuff, the compiler tries to tear in pieces one hundred years of history, presenting, to the casual readers, a Jewish State thoroughly immaculate in relation to the harsh history of the evicted Palestinians. So candid towards the grabbing of land and seizing of peoples. Whereas, omitting the aggression and massacre, the subsequent leaving is depicted as a honest withdraw. (“The failed Oslo talks, the Al Aqsa Intifada, the rise of Hamas, the Second Lebanon War; when will we finally realize that they do not want peace? (…) When will we learn that any land given to them will only be a launching pad for future attacks against us?”)
No way to make them understand that handing back stolen land to the owner is neither a concession, nor a gift.

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May 27, 2012 at 4:49 pm

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