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Access denied, on May 18th 2007, at the University of Teramo, Italy, to Prof. Robert Faurisson, former teacher at Sorbone, France, a critical revisionist of the Holocaust (for someone a Holocaust denier) invited by Prof. Claudio Moffa within the Master “Enrico Mattei” in Middle East at the Department of Political Science. National total hush of the media on the attack perpetreted by tens of self-alleged-Jews from Rome, who assaulted Moffa and Faurisson and an Officer of Italian Police, Mr. Capasso, who was kicked at the liver and got back a fracture to the shoulder, the ribs and the wrist. Alleged budget of the day: 30 people identified, 5 denounced. The “Center of Abruzzi” reported a crazy comment of the Chancellor of the University of Teramo, who had previously denied access to the conference and that yesterday justified the outburst of rage: “Violence is always “esecrabile”. But you cannot hammer a finger to someone and then convince him that it does not hurt, you have to wait for a reaction…” . Well, greetings to you Chancellor! Go and tell that into the refugee camps in Palestine, then wait for a reaction! But above all greetings to Italian national media that on the episode, today, presented their audience with the usual shameful conspiracy of silence. I do not care about Faurisson’s thesis, yet I cannot agree at all with the lobbied silence of the Italian mainstream.

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May 19, 2007 at 4:33 pm

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