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Who decides what a crime against humanity is? Human race as a whole is hit and crippled as a result of the killing of a man. Therefore the entire mankind has to blame itself for the death brought to a man by another man. Under this point of view, the killing of any man is a crime not only against that single one or his group – circumscribed and characterized for position, ethnic group, religion, or simply a bearer of the same contingent interests – but against the whole mankind as well. War is somewhat killing by following some rules that for so much time have constituted a self-absolution that the strongest group has given itself in order to commit a crime. It is not in the nature of man, it’s an invention, a device aimed at satisfying man’s instinct for embezzlement, that get him look for his presumed well-being, moreover not as an absolute but as a difference. War is considered like a viable option for the solution of reciprocal interests and/or for the maintenance of that difference. And thus we are mistaken by considering war as something different from a huge amount of crimes, for the sole fact we subordinated them to rules. It’s a fact that these so called rules have been always dictated by the strongest, the one and at the same time the first to violate them ignobly. And this fact would have made us think of the very absurdity of these rules. So we will get on talking about legal or illegal weapons, lawful or illicit behaviors, terrorists or armies, fair or bias, black or white, good or evil, acquitting ourselves and condemning the others. Until we realize that there ain’t no “others”.


Written by pipistro

November 6, 2006 at 5:57 pm

Posted in War

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  1. Pipistro, how are you doing? i am updated here an important one will come a few days letter. about the fifth column of Taliban.


    Afghan LORD

    November 14, 2006 at 1:35 pm

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