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pipitollahNot answering till now – as far as I know – to the call and to the meeting with freedom of expression and moreover with impartiality, very few western media underlined the existence of the “International Cartoon Contest-Holocaust” launched in Iran the day after the wild opposition that spread against the so called satanic cartoons. If it’s not possible in facts to put in doubt the frightening inopportunity of the principles inspiring that contest, in sight of the further diffusion of potentially offensive cartoons (in this case inspired to the overwhelming tragedy that gave birth to the provocative initiative), one has to emphasize that on one hand every western media made its best to publicize the anti-Islamic cartoons with alacrity, while, on the other hand, no one is showing at least some interest in dealing with that – we can say – peculiar revenge, but in facts it is showing a somewhat light response, exclusively aimed to the specifical theme of the “competition”. I mean the vision one may have of the tragedy of the Holocaust in its sole relation with the situation of the Palestinian people. Here is the presentation made on irancartoon, shown as “the first information center of Iranian cartoonists on the web”: «Where is The Border for western “Liberty of Expression”? Theme: Why should  the “Palestinian people” pay for  the “holocaust” story? Number of Cartoons:  5 cartoons. Sending cartoons: 1) Sending original Cartoons through the post. 2)Sending cartoons by E –mail Format: JPG and DPI 200 Dimension: Min. A4 and Max. A3. There will be no restriction in techniques of performance of cartoons. Cartoons without name will also be accepted. Deadline: May 15, 2006. Awards …» Among the others on the site of the contest, Brazilian cartoonist Latuff’s work. UPDATE February 21, 2006. I’m glad I was somewhat mistaken about the western nonchalance about the iranian contest. There is an interesting signal from the Jewish side. And now I’m convinced there is a specific European taboo about some issues. Some Jewish cartoonists launched on the site boomka.org the “Israeli Anti-Semitic Cartoons Contest”. In the same site we can read something about the reactions to that contest. «In the last two days we’ve received hundreds of emails from all over the world. About 98% percent of them are from Jews saying: You’ve made us proud to be Jews (Or from non-Jews saying you’ve made me wish I was a Jew). A few were concerened that real anti-semitists will use our cartoons to spread hate. I don’t think they need us for that, they have no trouble inventing excuses for hate …»


Written by pipistro

February 19, 2006 at 2:49 am

Posted in Iran

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